We know being the original can only happen once, but we at Molecular Creamery want to share that experience with you by offering the ability to franchise our concept. Since we have proven through multiple locations that our concept can be a huge success, we invite you to apply for a franchised Molecular Creamery store of your own and to come share in our success!

We're beginning to look for excited and passionate owners and operators who are as excited as we are about expanding our brand. We invite everyone to apply for a franchised unit but please make sure that you love eating ice cream every single day!

Steps For the application:

1. Email:
2. Submit your Franchise Application along with financials and receive Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs)
3. Schedule a face to face meeting and get to know each other, make sure theres a fit!
4. If approved, meet again to sign the Franchise Agreement and initial franchise fee
5. Find a location in collaboration with us
6. Train the technicians and staff
7. Launch the store and let the fun begin!